GT88 Smartwatch Review – Sleek Smartwatch that Keeps Up with Your Healthy Lifestyle

GT88 SmartwatchLooking for a good quality smartwatch? Something that won’t cause a dent on your pocket? Then continue reading our in-depth GT88 Smartwatch review and make the decision for yourself!

With the availability of so many smartwatches in the market, choosing one becomes a complicated and risky task. These days there are so many factors to be wary of whether that is in terms of fragility, storage, or battery life but worry not! Today, we have a good contender for such a smartwatch i.e. the GT88 smartwatch.

From its sleek and smart exterior to its extremely affordable price, the GT88 smartwatch claims to have it all. Let’s further reveal what this smartwatch has to offer to help you have a one of a kind experience.

To get this GT88 Smartwatch Review started, we have made a list of its most robust features, as well as some of its shortcomings.


  • Economical Price Range.
  • Health Target Features.
  • Replaceable battery.
  • Stylish design.
  • Automatic synchronization.


  • Below-average Camera
  • Lack of Color Variety.

Appearance & Design

Watches are also fashion accessories, so the next section of our GT88 Smartwatch review will focus on the appearance of the smartwatch. One of the main selling points of this smartwatch is its classic appearance and robust design. The leather strap has a rugged and smart look. Plus, the chassis of the watch is fabricated from Zinc alloy and is quite stylish. It is a comfortable watch to wear due to its anti-sweat TPU surface treatment and ergonomic convex design.

As the strap is anti-allergic, it will not cause any reaction to the wearer’s skin. Moreover, it gives off a very charming look due to its metallic color and its finely polished curved bezel.

The GT88 smartwatch weighs 70 grams making it lightweight and easy to carry smartwatch. It has a 1.54-inch screen with dimensions of 5.50×4.00×1.30 cm. The smartwatch provides a high definition picture display to give you an experience like no other smartwatch has ever done before. It possesses a 2.5D touch screen with 240×240 pixels resolution to clearly present the text and information. The display can be considered perfect for its incredible price.

All in all, it is safe to say that in terms of design, The GT88 Smartwatch is a great pick. Whether you are banging a long workout session, or casually wearing it to work, its attractive design will stand-out.

Performance and Hardware

Performance is one of the most important topics when discussing any electronic device. Therefore, the next part of the GT88 review will focus on that. The GT88 smartwatch sports a 64MB RAM and 128MB of internal storage to run all the applications present in the smartwatch. The user can further expand the storage up to 16GB via a Micro-SD card. This device is energy efficient as it is powered by the new generation MTK2502 which further enhances its performance.

Regardless of what your purpose is to use the smartwatch for, the 16GB card would be more than enough to meet all your storage requirements.

Battery and Connectivity

Next in our GT88 Smartwatch review we discuss the battery capacity of the smartwatch. Although the GT88 smartwatch is equipped with a v4.0 Bluetooth there is an option of wired connectivity through a USB cable. This smartwatch provides a 2G network and a separate SIM slot. Also, this device is packed with a separate battery which isn’t inserted.

A 300 mAh battery powers the watch and it is removable as well as replaceable. USB charging is supported by this device and its batteries can be bought from any Chinese store. Depending on the usage the battery tends to last for around 4 to 5 days.

Some people may think that there’s room for improvement in terms of battery timing. However, this smartwatch still lasts a fairly long-time especially considering its economical price range.

Call or Message Anytime & Anywhere

The GT88 smartwatch allows the user to make phone calls or to answer important incoming phone calls from friends and family. It requires the usage of a SIM card and you can stay in contact through Bluetooth phone calls (Bluetooth V4.0).

You can effortlessly interact with acquaintances by sending and receiving text messages to have a jolly and memorable time while making the most of the services this smartwatch has to offer.

Syncs Data from a Cellphone

The GT88 smartwatch allows automatic synchronization of data from the user’s phonebook to the device itself. It can also sync all the information from the call log and text messages already present on the phone. This feature proves how universal this smartwatch actually is as the convenience of the customer is the utmost priority. This is necessary to make sure that the user has a splendid experience.

Supports a Healthy Lifestyle

The GT88 smartwatch helps support a lifestyle that revolves around fitness with its unique set of features such as heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, and pedometer. The heart rate monitor offers to provide data to ensure your health is in good shape regardless of time and location. In the same way, the sleep monitor carefully administers the quality of sleep.

As physical activity is an essential part of any lifestyle it is necessary to record the number of steps being taken and to count the overall distance covered. This enables the user to fully take control and to be updated about their physical well-being. The smartwatch also offers a sedentary reminder to help the user develop scientific habits and to resist sub-health. All of these services work throughout 24 hours of the day.

The fitness friendly features of this Smartwatch makes it perfect for all the fitness enthusiasts.

Music Player

The GT88 smartwatch comes with the option of playing the music of your choice from any genre without any complications. Hence, this is the perfect option for people who like to listen to music on the go.


In case, the smartwatch loses connection with the Bluetooth or if the cellphone is out of the Bluetooth distance then the watch will immediately alert the user. As a result, the user can immediately come within the range of the connectivity of the Bluetooth.


The fabulous GT88 smartwatch comes with a camera so you can click pictures without any hassle. Furthermore, the user has a choice between capturing photographs with the smartwatch or through remote control of your smartphone. This way every wonderful moment can be recorded at any angle. This smartwatch comes with a 0.3-megapixel camera so don’t get your hopes too high with the resolution of the pictures. The GT88 Smartwatch aims to enable the user to utilize the features of this device at his/her ease.

GT88 Smartwatch review – Conclusion and final thoughts

To conclude, the GT88 smartwatch is packed with a large amount of utility and functionality and its price makes it an economical option. With its Bluetooth connectivity, aesthetic design, and health-related features this smartwatch seems to be the perfect option for those trying to purchase a good quality smartwatch.

So if you are looking for a smartwatch to help you keep a track of your fitness journey, then The GT88 Smartwatch is the one for you.

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