Fox 34 Performance Review

Fox has just introduced the latest Fox 34 Fork for bikes and cycles. Check out our detailed review here!

The Factory Series Fox 34 and its main features

Factory Series Fox 34Bike suspensions aren’t cheap, and it’s certainly not easy to find the best ones at affordable prices. If you’re looking for a Fox Fork that fits the budget and fulfills your needs then we have got you covered.

As Fox says, “the new and improved Fox 34 is designed for the aggressive trail rider; the Factory Series 34 features a FIT4 damper, FLOAT air spring, and super lightweight chassis. Starting at only 3.92 pounds, the 34 provides proven trail performance that instills confidence and control.” The Fox 34 is truly a masterpiece of its kind with the features and the performance it offers. You’ll find the Fox 34 is a powerful trail companion for bikers and enthusiasts who enjoy biking in the great outdoors.

However, it can be frustrating when a bike gives up and falls apart while you’re on a trail. That’s where the high-end and top-quality Fox 34 plays a role. The shock absorber makes sure that your bike never gives up and offers immense support while you trail.

You might consider the price point is a let down, and would probably make you think you shouldn’t buy it. But here are the reasons or rather “features” why you should invest in the Fox 34 if you are in need of new suspension:

  • The Fox 34 fork has a Kashima coat that is finished to perfection and looks very sleek.
  • The new Fox shock has a FLOAT EVOL air spring which balances the positive and negative changes and keeps the air chambers in check for added sensitivity.
  • The rotor size is 160 direct Post Mount, which means it’s highly compatible with medium trails that are difficult to ride on otherwise.
  • The 1.5 tapered steerer is just as stiff as a regular straight one. However, it helps in saving weight and offers maximum bending load.
  • The FIT4 damper comes packed and seals the oil within, making sure that there is no excessive air inside the cartridge. The feature simplifies things, and the FIT4 uses damping settings to increase or decrease the force on the shim stack.

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  • Very Lightweight

The Fox 34 is the latest fork and the newest addition to the range of forks. It is very much lighter than its predecessors, i.e., the weight is about 370g as compared to the 34 Evolution Model. Due to its lightweight feature, the bike isn’t sturdy or heavier to ride as it used to be.

  • Highly Reliable

The Fox 34 fork is exceptionally reliable because, as compared to the new Rhythm fork attached to bikes is the 6000 series alloy chassis, and Fox 34 uses the 7000 series alloy chassis. The 700 Series offers a lot more resilience, power, and performance making the Fox 34 reliable for complicated trails.

  • The FIT GRIP damper

Fox 34The FIT GRIP damper on the Fox 34 fork offers three compression modes to the bikers – Open, Medium, and Firm compression. The riders have a toggling crown-mounted dial to choose from and also additional settings that can be used to micro-adjust the compressions. Run the dial between fully opened and fully closed without much hassle; the dial is at hand for you.

Here’s a rundown on why each compression setting is different:

  • The open setting – The bike will feel softer to ride. You can use the setting on a smoother trail.
  • The medium setting – The perfect combination of the ‘Open’ and ‘Firm’ setting.
  • The firm setting – The bike trail will feel stiff and rough on a ride.


  • Not That Stiff

The Fox 34 fork is yet to be a part of its competition, i.e., the 32-fork and 36-fork. That’s because the previous two models proved to be far stiffer than the new Fox 34 fork. The 34-fork might be lighter in weight, but it’s not as stiff as it should be on rough trails and dives.

  • Can Give Up on Difficult Terrains

As said earlier, the fork can give up very quickly on challenging and rougher trails. Sure, the fork gives an optimum performance on most trails, but when it comes to vigorous trails and bumpy pathways, the fork can easily give out, which can be a problem. However, on short runways, the 34-fork performs the best in terms of tracking and braking. But watch out because it has limitations, and you don’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere!

  • Spacers are Necessary for Dives

If you’re a vigorous rider who needs a robust suspension fork, then don’t invest in the Fox 34. The reason for that is the suspension will immediately die out when you try to dive, or do wheelies to avoid bumps on the trail. It can be a problem unless you also invest in spacers. If you want a Fox 34 then get clip-on spacers which won’t change the initial spring, but will make it non-linear that will help to avoid big bumps and massive hits.

  • Heavy on the Pocket

The Fox 34 fork is not ideal for the price point. The shock absorber comes at an insane price of $739, which isn’t affordable for many people. But why are Fox shocks so expensive? The answer is simple, because they have been around since 1908, and their expertise shows. They deliver stiffness, durability and can be used for years until completely worn out – which means it’ll be time for a new one.

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With the newly launched Fox 34 fork, Fox has tried to offer a robust shock absorber for a low price. The company has tried to keep the costs lower this time to attract more sales. The design is much sleeker, and it’s very lightweight too. However, the real question is if the world is ready for the new Fox 34 fork? The answer is – the bikers are prepared for an upgrade!

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