How do I Transfer Pictures from My Nikon Camera to my Computer

Nikon CameraFinding yourself confused on how to transfer pictures from your Nikon Camera to your Computer? Check out this guide to find out!

Nikon is one of the largest corporations in the world for imaging products. Whenever you see a list of DSLR, the chances are you will also see Nikon in the list. Now just because you may have a passion for photography, that does not particularly mean you would be good with computers as well.

People often find themselves facing a brick wall when they are trying to transfer pictures from their Nikon Camera to their computer. This is why, if you are finding yourself in the same dilemma, do not worry. Once you are finished reading this guide, you will be able to transfer your photos in no time.

So let’s discuss a couple of approaches to transfer pictures from your Nikon Camera to your computer.

Connect Via USB Cable

One of the simplest approaches to connect your camera to the computer is by using a USB cable. This is normally the preferred method by the most people. You should check for your USB cable in the box of your Nikon Camera. However, if you do not find one there, there’s still nothing to worry about!

You can simply go to your nearest computer shop and purchase a brand new cable from them. Once the USB cable has been connected, here are a couple of steps you need to follow:

  • Browse through the different folders of your DSLR and locate the pictures.
  • Copy and paste the pictures to the desired folder on your computer.
  • Verify all the pictures have been copied properly.
  • Unplug your USB cable.

It is a very simple task; However, there is one thing you may want to keep in mind. DO NOT unplug the USB cable during the transfer, as it may corrupt the files inside your camera. Just to be safe, if you really need to remove the USB cable while transferring files, first click on the cancel button.

Use a Memory Card Reader

memory card readerAlthough not many people use a memory card reader nowadays, it is always an alternative. In order to make this work, you would first need to remove the memory card from your camera. Once you have done that, simply insert the memory card into your card reader and repeat the same steps as above.

In case you are wondering where you can find a card reader, then there’s a chance it may have come along with your camera. If you do not find one in your camera box, do not worry. Majority of the computer shops sale a card reader in less than $10.

Eye-Fi Wireless Network

You do not frequently see Eye-Fi memory cards being used. However, they can certainly come in handy and make your life easier. These are special memory cards that can connect to your computer via a wireless network.

The Eye-Fi memory card works similar to Wi-Fi. Once the wireless network is established, you do not have to worry about using a cable anymore. Although not many people use this method it is still one of the most convenient ways to transfer pictures from your camera to your computer.

If you do not have an Eye-Fi memory card, you can always ask around at your nearest computer shop. Chances are you will easily be able to find one; and if not, you can always order one online. Purchasing this kind of memory card once is going to save you from a lot of work every time you need to transfer pictures.

Bluetooth Transfer

A Bluetooth transfer may not be the best option out there to transfer pictures. It requires both your Nikon Camera along with your computer to have the Bluetooth feature. If both of your devices mark the checklist, then this method works the same way as any other Bluetooth file-sharing you do.

Locate the Bluetooth option in your Camera and computer. Turn it on, and locate the device name of your computer/camera. Once that is done, pair the devices and you are good to go! All you need to do now is to just locate the pictures you want to send from your camera, select them and tap on the Bluetooth option.

It is important to note that at times Bluetooth transfer can be a bit slow. The time it takes for the transfer to complete, depends on the number and size of the pictures. In case you do turn the Bluetooth off mid transfer, you do not have to worry. All the pictures which were already transferred would stay inside your computer.

What to keep in mind?

1)   Camera Battery:

Regardless of which method you use, you might want to have a look at your camera’s battery. It would be frustrating if your camera shuts down the mid transfer. This especially applies if you are using the Bluetooth or Eye-Fi transfer system.

2)   Complete Boot-up

If you have just opened your computer, then wait for it to boot properly. People often begin the transfer too early and wonder why their computers have completely frozen, or the transfer is too slow. Giving your time computer enough time to boot makes the transfer process much faster.

3)   Remove the USB

Do not leave your Nikon Camera connected to the computer once the pictures are transferred. Leaving your camera connected to the computer, especially overnight, can damage the camera.

4)   Select the Device

One common mistake people make when they are transferring pictures via a USB cable. As soon as you plug you will see a menu on your screen asking you to select the transfer option. Make sure that you click on transfer files.


Even the simplest of tasks can seem challenging if you are not familiar with the technology. However, transferring pictures from a Nikon Camera to a Computer is pretty straightforward. After reading this guide, we now hope you will be able to transfer your favourite pictures without any problems.

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