How do I know if my Powerbank is Fully Charged

Powerbank Can’t really figure out if your portable power bank is fully charged or not? Keep on reading, as we answer all the questions you might have regarding power banks and how you should charge them.

Today’s world is all about technology. Therefore, gone are those days when you would need paper and a pencil to write letters and memos, telephones to make a call and perhaps a TV to watch a video. Now everything has been compiled within a single device.

The present era is all about keeping oneself updated with everything that’s going around the world. In order for you to do that, you will need to keep your gadgets and devices together with you at all times. Perhaps, if you’re a person who just might lose capital by staying disconnected from the world, then that is just not an option.

This is where Power Banks come to our aid. This portable device is made for the purpose of recharging your electronic device, even when you’re on the go!

With that being said, how can you tell if your power back is fully charged or not? To be honest, situations can get real messy when you to find out that the power bank you thought was fully charged has no battery left.

To save you from that kind of messy situations, this article will answer all your questions regarding how to charge your power bank, and how to tell if it is fully charged.

How to tell if your power bank is fully charged?

The user manual that may have come along with your power bank will answer the question for you. If, perhaps, you are not able to find your copy of the user manual, then LED light indicators are there to help you out. They are your best source of telling the status of your power bank, in terms of energy charge.

Once connected to the charger, the Power Bank usually indicates its charging status by blinking. This is how you can read the LED light indications.

  • 0% to 25% charged status is indicated by the 1st blinking light
  • 26% to 50% charged status is indicated by the 2nd blinking light
  • 51% to 75% charged status is indicated by the 3rd blinking light
  • 76% to 100% charged status is indicated by the 4th blinking light

You can tell the battery status of your Power Bank if it’s 100% charged. In order for you to know, all LED light indicators will stay lit, indicating that your Power Bank is fully charged. Therefore, it is recommended that you remove your device from charging immediately, to avoid damaging it.

How to know if the power bank is fully charged without the LED light indicators?

power BankTo be honest, this situation is quite a tricky one. In these kinds of cases, your user manual can prove to be your best guide. However, if you don’t have a manual, then here’s what you can do.

First, you need to figure out the charging capacity of your device. This is usually mentioned on the Power Bank in terms of mAh units.

Once figured out, the next step would be determining the current being delivered to the Power Bank in Amperes. The Amperes being delivered is usually mentioned on the charger.

Now since that’s been figured out, all you need to do is follow this method.

For instance, your charger is based on 2 Amperes, while your Power Bank is based on the capacity of 10,000 mAh. What you need to know here is that the unit mAh signifies Amperes and hours. 1,000 Amperes = 1 mA while ‘h’ denotes hours.

Now putting the formula together, it would be something like this:

The equation of 10,000mAh/ 2A. Further, simplifying it would give 10Ah/ 2A. Now, dividing the equation will eventually lead us to our answer, that is, it would take 5 hours for the device to be fully charged.

This formula can work like a charm by helping you calculate the time your Power Bank would need to charge fully. However, there are quite a few drawbacks in certain situations.

Often the manufacturers state the wrong units of the charging capacity your Power Bank can hold. This leads to the wrong calculation which can further contribute towards damaging your devices.

Furthermore, with time, Power Bank’s ability to hold charging capacity decreases. Since there is no specific way of telling how much it has decreased, the calculation can go wrong.

How Does Charging Affect Your Power Bank?

The Power Bank that you possess may be durable, however, not charging it enough or overcharging it may make it vulnerable to damage. To avoid it from getting damaged you may want to be mindful of the points discussed ahead.

Cable of the Charger

Using a charging cable that may not have come along with your Power Bank can contribute towards damaging your device. It can directly cause problems with the battery’s ability to charge.

Charging Your Device Properly

Your Power Bank can stay by your side as your trusty companion for a longer period. Knowing the time it takes for your Power Bank to charge fully can help it function effectively

Charging When Needed

Overcharging your Power Bank can affect your battery, causing it to charge at a slower rate in the future. Furthermore, it can potentially make the battery overheat, and in the worst-case scenario, the battery can swell.

Temperature Required For Charging

Many people are not aware of this but charging under or above certain temperatures can cause harm to your device. If you live in an area where it’s extremely cold, then you are advised to not charge your Power Bank under 5° temperature.

If you live in an area where the climate is extremely hot, then avoid charging your device above 40°.


Taking care of your Power Bank is important. Knowing how long should you charge your Power Bank surely has its benefits. Not knowing, however, can cause permanent damage to your valuable device.

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