Heyday Speaker Review – One of the Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Heyday SpeakerYou might have heard a lot about the Heyday Speaker, its specs and strengths. Wondering if the Heyday speaker is right for you? Continue reading our in-depth heyday speaker review and decide for yourself.

With so many Bluetooth speakers in the market, it can be challenging to find the one that checks all your boxes. There are many factors to keep in mind as you choose the perfect speaker to fill your life with some great music. Today, we have a good contender for such a speaker and it belongs to the range of Heyday electronics and accessories released by Target.

From good audio quality and portability to a sleek exterior, the Heyday speaker claims to have it all. Let’s jump into this heyday speaker review to reveal whether it can really help you live out loud.


The first item we’ll cover on our Heyday speaker review is the product’s design. It boasts a minimalist design and comes in either a square or a round shape. The basic shapes provide some clean lines to the design, giving it an aesthetic feel. The sleek design of the speaker is paired with some trendy color options. These include vibrant hues such as hot pink and yellow to more subdued pastel shades.

The captivating color range is a definite plus as the speaker will not only be functional but can also be used as a design element in your home. It also makes sure the speaker looks good as you carry it on your arm for some music on the go.

The speaker is quite compact and comes with a handy carrying loop, making it very portable and easy to carry. With only a few buttons, the design of this speaker is quite uncomplicated which makes it easy to use. Users can place the speaker on a flat surface or hang it to blast their favorite tunes.

The only design drawback we can see in the speaker is the unavailability of volume buttons in some of its models. Instead of the volume buttons, some models seem to have a skip functionality. While you can change the volume easily through your phone, having the volume buttons on the speaker itself is quite handy and much needed.


HeyDay SpeakerThe next item on our Heyday speaker review is the specs of the speaker. This model can be used with either Bluetooth connectivity or a USB cable that comes with it. The Bluetooth connectivity is quite decent and your speaker will stay connected to your device at up to 33 ft of distance. That makes it ideal for people who wish to carry around their speaker as they do their chores or travel.

This speaker comes with rechargeable batteries with a 3 hour charging time. The battery will last up to 3 hours of use which is quite decent for such a small and useful speaker. You will receive a USB charger along with your speaker which can be connected to any USB outlet for charging.

Whether your device has Android or iOS, this speaker is compatible with both operating systems. All you need, to play some music on heyday speakers is a Bluetooth connection and a device to connect to.

Sound Quality

Considering the compact size, this speaker packs a punch when it comes to sound. The audio quality is quite decent for a speaker this size and also has a good amount of bass. This puts that extra oomph to your audio experience. It caters well to the high-frequency ranges and has just the right loudness for some casual jamming sessions.

Listeners of pop and hip hop will particularly find the audio quality to surpass their expectations. The sound is also quite impressive when it comes to vocal tracks and delivers some clean and crisp vocal sounds.

Other Features

Heyday’s range of Bluetooth speakers also has some other interesting features that might interest you. One of them is the water-resistant nature of the speakers. Due to the way they are made, the speakers resist water damage to a certain extent. This means you can take your speaker out on a hot day beside the pool or relax in the bath as you listen to it.

The build of these speakers is also quite sturdy and seems durable enough to withstand some outdoor activities.

Another notable feature is the diverse range of choices provided in this range. Not only does the speaker come in a number of different colors, but it also features a few different styles and price ranges. With so much variety, you can easily pick and choose which one meets your unique aesthetic and budget.


The Heyday speakers have a one-year limited warranty which you can know more about by contacting the manufacturer which is Target Guest Services.

This essentially means that if the speaker does not behave as expected or comes defected, you can get it replaced within one year of buying it. That’s quite a good deal and should alleviate some concerns about the performance of this speaker.

The Bottom Line

Now that we have discussed each element of this speaker in great detail, let’s break it down a bit and summarize our findings with some pros and cons.


  • Good Bluetooth connectivity up to 33 ft
  • Water-resistant and perfect for some outdoor activities
  • Suitable size makes it highly portable
  • Carrying loop makes it convenient for travel and music on the go
  • Compatible with both Android and iOS
  • Wireless for maximum convenience
  • Comes in a wide array of fun colors and styles
  • Visually appealing minimalist design
  • Decent audio quality


  • Short charging cable
  • Volume button functionality not available in some models

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As you can see, the pros of this speaker outweigh the cons. People who want a portable speaker for some casual listening will find Heyday’s range of portable Bluetooth speakers to be quite a useful and good-looking addition to their lives.

Heyday Speaker Review – Conclusion

In short, the Heyday speaker succeeds in packing a whole lot of utility and functionality into this compact yet affordable package. With its wireless Bluetooth connectivity, cool minimalist design and good audio quality, this speaker seems like a good option for people who love some music on the go.

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