Bunker Hill Security Camera Review – Weatherproof & Night Vision

Bunker Hill Security CameraLooking to install an extra security camera to keep an eye on your home and your precious belongings? The Bunker Hill Security camera will help you keep your property safe. To learn more about all of its features, check our Bunker Hill Security Camera review.

In this age and time, one just can’t afford to compromise on their security, let alone their loved ones. Life, as we know, is quite unpredictable. As unfortunate as it may sound, we aren’t living in a society where we can just leave our homes and other valuables unprotected.

As a result, a place unprotected is more like an invitation to the thieves, crooks, or maybe something worse. So, it’s never a bad decision to invest in a security camera to keep things under surveillance. With that being said, it’s quite a hassle to browse through surveillance cameras only to find yourself more confused.

So, to relieve you from that hassle, we counter and address all that you may need with one security camera, that is, Weatherproof Color Security Camera by Bunker Hill Security.

Bunker Hill Security is well known for providing a range of security solutions. As a result, the Weatherproof Color Security Camera is one of its most successful security cameras that is available out there in the market.

The camera is known for delivering a flawless performance and footage, as well as for being a budget-friendly surveillance option. For all of these reasons, we’ve written a comprehensive Bunker Hill Security Camera review.


  • Plug and Play System.
  • Budget-Friendly Surveillance
  • The camera can withstand the harsh climatic condition
  • It delivers a range of 25 feet clear display at night under the not-so-well lit area.
  • Night vision can extend up to 35 feet under the well-lit area.
  • The camera features a built-in microphone


  • The display is based on 300 pixels
  • One camera is not enough to cover all the angles

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Bunker HillThe first item of our Bunker Hill Security Camera review is the design of the camera. The Weatherproof Color Security Camera is designed ideally for home and office security. Therefore, it features a camera that comes with a black finish, featuring a low light sensor.

The sensor has the ability to automatically adjust according to the day and night lighting environment. So, even if the lighting conditions are poor, you can see up to 25 feet of clear display. Given a well-lit environment, you can view up to 35 feet far from the camera.

This camera model provides real-time footage capture. Regardless, the camera does not have a recording system on its own.

You can connect the camera to an exiting TV or monitor to review the surveillance footage. This gives you the ability to monitor the designated area at any time of the day.

The Weatherproof Color Security Camera provides a color display of 300 pixels.

This Bunker Hill camera provides a color display of 300 pixels. It comes with a fully adjustable angle mount which you can set up anywhere easily. The swivel base of the camera can tilt up to 40° downwards, as well as 20° upwards.

Wider Field View Display

Second in our Bunker Hill Security Camera review, we cover the field of view of this camera. The field view it delivers is quite appreciable. Usually, you won’t find a “pocket-friendly” security camera covering a wide field range with its lens. But with the Weatherproof Color Security Camera, you might just get what you were looking for.

This surveillance camera is well known for capturing everything that goes around in your area. The wide coverage of the camera shows every detail of the designated area, may it be something as little as a tennis ball.

Night Vision

Nighttime is perhaps that part of the day when one feels the most vulnerable. For this reason, we’ve made sure to include one of the most important features of this camera in our Bunker Hill Security Camera review. Nighttime this is the time people looking to cause harm to you are out there waiting to strike. Weatherproof Security Camera aims to provide you that extra security you need at night.

The Bunker Hill Surveillance Camera makes sure to deliver you a decent footage of the designated area. The camera features infrared night vision which is capable of delivering a good quality of real-time footage.

The camera has the ability to adjust itself automatically. Therefore, it effortlessly delivers a crisp and clear view even at night.

Weatherproof and Rustproof Camera

The Weatherproof Color Security Camera is not only ideal for indoor surveillance but also the outdoors. The camera is specifically designed in a way to withstand the harsh weather environment.

The camera is made to provide you 24-hour surveillance without getting damaged even if you live in an area where it snows or rains heavily, t

The Bunker Hill Camera features a glass cover that protects the lens from dust particles, snow, and water. The body of the camera is protected via a waterproof metal body to protect all the wiring inside.

Color Accuracy

The Bunker Hill Weatherproof Camera can deliver a satisfactory footage of the outdoor environment. The colors aren’t so accurate but it does a fine job displaying a clear image.

Considering the price tag, it comes under, the 300-pixel color quality camera can display fairly a good footage as compared to other security camera options in this range.

So, if you are out there looking for a budget friendly surveillance option and can ignore slight color inaccuracy then this camera is the best option for you!


  • Bunker Hill Weatherproof Security Camera is the best for indoor and outdoor surveillance.
  • The camera provides a resolution of 300 X 380
  • It does not feature an optical zoom
  • The security camera can ideally operate under a temperature of 14° F to 122° F
  • The camera features a built-in mic which can deliver audio from a distance of 10 to 12 feet range
  • The security camera comes with a cable which is approx. 80 feet long
  • The camera operates on 7.5 DC volts and 120 AC volts
  • Accessories in the box include: A power adapter, a camera, a cable, and a modular jack

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While investing in a security camera you would want a camera that would perform well and for a longer period of time, if possible. The Weatherproof Color Security Camera overall delivers quite a satisfactory performance.

The Bunker Hill Security Camera sure is pocket friendly but the quality and the features it provides are more than you could’ve asked for. We believe this security camera is best kept as a secondary source of security surveillance.

Well! You could use the Weatherproof Color Security Camera as your main surveillance camera but you just might want a camera with high definition and recording feature which this security camera doesn’t offer.

All in all, yes! We would recommend The Weatherproof Color Security Camera to you.

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