Blackweb Tsunami Bluetooth Speaker Review

Blackweb Tsunami Bluetooth SpeakerWondering if the Blackweb Tsunami Bluetooth Speaker is worth buying? Continue reading this review and you may find your answer!

Bluetooth speakers have been rising in popularity due to their portability. They enable you to enjoy your favourite music regardless of where you are and can prove to be a great source of entertainment. Whether you are looking to buy one as a gift, or for your personal use, knowing which Bluetooth speaker to invest your money on is essential.

With a wide range of options in front of you, finding the best Bluetooth speaker can be difficult. This is why, we are here to provide you with an in-depth review on the Tsunami Bluetooth Speaker – one of the latest of the Blackweb speaker range. What’s so special about this speaker? What are its pros and cons, and what features can you expect from it? Let’s dive in to find out!


  • Enhanced Sound.
  • Remote Volume Control.
  • 0 channels.
  • Hands-free calling
  • Touch Control


  • Heavy weight.
  • No battery.

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What’s Inside the Box?

Blackweb Tsunami Bluetooth Speaker BoxBlackweb Tsunami Bluetooth Speaker comes in a larger box than what you’d normally find for Bluetooth speakers due to its size. You should expect all the necessary accessories to be present in its box, which includes a charger (with an adapter), an aux cord, and a remote.

One of the biggest surprises for most people when they buy this Bluetooth speaker is actually the remote. Not many Bluetooth speakers under the price range of 100$ offer a remote control functionality. So, this is where the Tsunami Bluetooth Speaker truly shines!

Besides all of the important accessories, what truly caught our attention was how well-packed the speaker was in its box; it was wrapped in a separate bag! This was definitely a great gesture from Blackweb, as you can always use the bag to carry the speaker around and protect it from dust.


In terms of design, this speaker is larger than most of the Bluetooth speakers you are going to find under the 100$ price range. Although the design itself does not look that impressive, the dark colour of this speaker does help making it look more attractive.

The box shape design of this speaker can make it a bit of a hassle for people to carry around. If you plan to carry it around in your bag, it may not be a good idea due to its heavy weight. Apart from easily controlling the speaker through the remote, you can also see the Bluetooth pairing, volume control and power button right at the top.

The buttons at the top are touch sensitive, so this gives the speaker a unique and flat look and makes it easier to control. You can find two ports at the back of the speaker with one being the charging port, and other for the aux.

Overall, judging by the design, this speaker is not suitable for outdoor use. However, if you want to use it indoors it can certainly provide you with enhanced music experience!


One of the best features that this speaker has to offer is that it comes with a remote. You can conveniently place the speaker at any place you want and control it from afar. This is quite impressive considering that not many Bluetooth speakers offer remote control functionality at such a low price range.

Just as good as the remote control functionality of this speaker is, one major drawback is that it does not have a battery. This can often catch people off guard as the primary reason they purchase a Bluetooth Speaker is for portability. If you want to use this speaker, then you would have to keep it at one place with a charging socket nearby.

There’s an aux port at the back of the speaker through which you could connect your phone or other devices to play some music if you do not want to connect via the Bluetooth. Moreover, that port can also be used for hands-free calling. Although not many people particularly use it for that purpose, knowing that it is still there is certainly a plus.


If having no battery was a major let down for you, then do not worry because not all is lost! In terms of performance, this speaker certainly lives up to its name and is a complete beast. The Blackweb Tsunami Bluetooth Speaker has high-definition sound that is enough to shake up your whole room like it has been hit by a Tsunami!

One of the main reasons why it does not have a battery is because it is intended for indoor use. If you are watching a movie or just looking to blast some music, then this speaker will certainly meet your expectations in terms of bass and sound.

This is where the remote control functionality of this speaker truly shines. You can easily control the volume while you are watching videos or your favourite movie rather than having to go to the speaker each time.

If you are not looking for a Bluetooth speaker for outdoor use, then without a doubt you are going to be very satisfied with what Blackweb Tsunami has to offer.

Should I buy it?

If you are looking for a portable speaker to blast some music regardless of where you are, then this is not the one for you.

Apart from not having a battery, the weight of this speaker is also not something that you would want to carry around. However, if you are looking for a speaker for indoor use, then you cannot go wrong with Blackweb Tsunami Bluetooth Speaker.


Blackweb Tsunami Bluetooth Speaker has a lot to offer. Keeping in mind its low price range, it can be an ideal gift for a person who loves to listen to music indoors. With that said, we believe that including a battery on the device would’ve been a better choice. This because of how other Bluetooth devices offer a good sound quality, while remaining portable.


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